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Tantra massage connects you with your life energy and a source of strength that you can consciously use to achieve goals in life, at work and in love.

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The power of Tantra

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Dear clients. From 15.1.2021 I will be in Trondheim until 24.1.2021.
Then I'll be in Sandnes.

Hello my name is Vicky.

my covid test is negative! Proof is possible to see in my studio. Desinfection and masks are in studio avaiable to use. :)

💝I'm an independent and certified masseuse💝

massagerogaland dot no

A few words about me.
I'm a certified Tantra masseuse. Tantra is concerned because this job enjoys working with people and brings me inner peace and harmony in the body while doing massage for other people. With me you can expect a pleasant atmosphere full of understanding, certainty, relaxation and warmth.


You will hardly get a brief and at the same time fully explanatory answer to the question "what is tantric massage". It is neither pure sexual pleasure nor classical massage as we know from the surgeries of our physiotherapists, nor even a simple erotic service. In fact, it's all together, and more.

What is tantric massage? Ritual, deep experience and respect for the present moment.
Its roots can be found in India, it is based on the knowledge of tantric philosophy and is much more a ritual than just an ordinary massage. It acquaints with the diverse world of the beauties of bodily sensuality through perfect knowledge of one's own body and maximum concentration on the present moment full of pleasure.

The goal of tantric massage is not just physical stimulation and experiences associated with excitement and orgasm - much more is self-knowledge and activation of life energy that accompanies us every day and helps us feel better in all aspects.

The introductory interview will best tell you what a tantra massage is

What can massage bring you?

At the physical level, it stimulates the blood and lymph, relaxes muscles and possible pain, and detoxifies the body. Massage of deep muscles of the pelvis supports its correct position and contributes to the good functioning of the entire intimate area, regulates erection problems, premature ejaculation, etc. Prostate massage is an ideal prevention of its possible problems, also improves erections and strengthens sexual performance. Tantra focuses on the harmonization of the body, the flow of energy (meridians), and the balancing of Yin and Yang.

Your sexual abilities will increase and you will be able to experience deeper pleasures, or even your partner. You can learn how to delay the climax and spread the excitement throughout the body. Or you will learn a lot about women's needs and female sexual energy. By connecting with your heart, you will become a more attentive, sensitive and thus irresistible lover who can develop loving love relationships.

On a mental level, massage brings deep relaxation, fulfillment and self-satisfaction. This gives you your own resource for overcoming obstacles in life such as stress, work tasks or relationship difficulties. Through expanded states of consciousness, tantra can also open you to new visions, ideas and answers and lead you to a fulfilling life.

Tantra massage is rooted in the spiritual tradition of Tantra. If you are open to this path to pure being, tantra massage for you will be a deep meditation and prayer to your divine essence.

Every act, working with the principles of tantra, stands and falls on deep harmony and mutual trust between the client and the therapist. Therefore, everything should always start with a pleasant friendly conversation. During it, the client speaks first. The masseuse or masseur is mainly interested in:

what expectations do you come up with,
what knowledge do you have at this level (breathing exercises, etc.),
whether some touches are unpleasant or very pleasant, etc.

What does the room where everything takes place look like?

The relaxed atmosphere is usually further aided by the unique environment. You will not find sterility like in a classic massage salon here. It is dominated by a soft bed, fabrics on the walls or ornaments in the Asian style. In addition, the seductive scent of massage oils floats above everything, and the last shards of this harmonious puzzle are completed by oriental music.

There should also be a shower nearby with complete hygiene facilities - after the massage, the oils are washed away for greater comfort, although their presence can be felt on the skin for an even longer time.

Want to experience what a tantric massage is? It will not work without nudity.
Although the opening minutes usually take place in a sarong or other light clothing, the massage itself already works with a completely naked body. If it does not involve stimulating intimate parts, the masseur or masseuse will give you a small towel to wrap your loins, but with a complete tantra massage with everything, nothing like that will be needed.
Both actors are naked. The Tantric act requires cooperation, and therefore no one should be, so to speak, "at an advantage.

You can best know what tantric massage is at the end of it
Even the very end of the massage is not in a hurry. The masseur or masseuse snuggles up, caresses your troubled body for the last time and, above all, talks to you about everything. So you can share your feelings and impressions and be guided for good next time thanks to good advice. It is an unwritten rule that the experience escalates with each tantra massage visited, so it is certainly good not to omit this aspect of tantra and not return to normal life immediately.

The tantra must be allowed to fade, grasp and allow it to permeate you perfectly. Only in this way will its effect be maximum and beneficial in the long run.


60 MINUTES TANTRA MASSAGE + lingam massage) cost 2000 NOK

90 MINUTES TANTRA MASSAGE + ritual + body to body + lingam massage cost 2200 NOK


120 MINUTES TANTRA MASSAGE + ritual +release with lava stones and hot towel + body to body + lingam massage cost 3200 NOK

I wish you a beautiful experience with my tantric massage, self-knowledge and respect for your own body.

If you liked my massage, I will be very happy if you write me a review and recommendations for other clients.:-)

I accept payment in VISA, MasterCard, AmericanCard, VIPPS

Tantra massage is not offering sexual services.!!

Try and see yourself. :-)

I will look forward to your visit.

Beautiful and cool day wish you your Vicky :-)


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