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45 min

2.000 NOK

1 time

2.500 NOK
2.500 NOK

90 min

3.000 NOK
3.000 NOK

2 timer

4.000 NOK
4.000 NOK

Ekstra time

2.000 NOK
2.000 NOK

Dinner date

4.500 NOK
4.500 NOK

Anmeldelser: Samlet tilfredshed

God: 56 | Dårlig: 0


Dear Gentlemen,

Thank you for visiting my profile, I do appreciate if you take time to read all of the information below before sending me a text!

Please note that I live permanently in Oslo, have a private life and other job, therefore you can be in touch with me only by texting! Once I find you serious we can try to find some time to talk on the phone when it’s suitable for both of us!


I would describe myself a mature woman, well travelled and educated by alternative therapies and different massages after well spent time in the erotic business. I went through a lot in the past 15 years being the part of adult performing in different night clubs, erotic exhibitions, porn industry and escort life. These years made me learn a lot that´s why you can see a lot of positive reviews under all of my ads.

I provide 100% safety, hygiene and good time for all of my visitors, and select them very carefully. I have regular visitors mostly and based on porn star experience or girlfriend experience services I let a very few of new people into my place, it´s a question of good quality of English talking in a polite way!

I work in my own home alone and never leave the key for nobody else while I am away! My place is never involved by traffic and strange people, I take good care about my safety!

I do appreciate regular visits with a bit of discount and my business politic is " the less is more" way therefore I see maximum 2 persons in my place each day preferably by a long notice as I have a life and not only advertising in Oslo. You can always give a try to reach me by short notice of course but please don´t get disappointed if I won´t accept your visit!

__________What do I offer on this ad and what am I looking for from your side?

Based on this ad I mainly provide a real porn star experience, if you google my work than you will understand why ;-) I don’t provide easily girlfriend experience services (cuddle, kissing, soft forms) with unknown people, for that I need trust, high higine standards and good chemistry and don´t guarantee that type of encounter for new people.

I would describe the porn star experience for a good time with lot of sex in different positions, lot of eye contact during blowjob and the sex in a rough way ( pull my hair and give it to me 😉 ) as this is what I like of course with a good warm up in the beginning for what I have a plenty of toys for myself and I am not afraid to use them ;-) Since I made a lot of vibrator shows in front of the public in clubs and stages of different erotic exhibitions than it makes the part of my porn star experience sessions and yes I come LOUD!

I expect you to be well groomed and fresh, taking a shower at mine is a must thing, for your hygiene I provide plenty of clean towels, shower cream, mouth was and deodorant, don´t forget to use them all. In case of multiple come shots obviously I will ask you to repeat your shower.

I see only well mannered real gentlemen who are able to communicate in a polite way and treat a woman with respect! I do treat my guest in the same way they treat me!

___________Breakfast / lunch / dinner at mine -4500 nok -3 hrs

As you see my dinner date rates are almost the same than my 2 hrs session rates just because I do appreciate quality time and love to host and feed my guests.

The dinner date service is 3 hrs long includes a lovely dish made by me or you if you want to cook for me, 1 hour full service and a great ca 40 min long massage.

If you prefer 2 times fun I would higher up the rate to 6000 nok and prolong your stay with ca 60 minutes that means that we can stay together ca 4 hrs.

We can make it happen in any time of the day except the night time. It´s not necessarily need to be a dinner, can be breakfast and lunch too. I prefer to go to bed latest midnight therefore that type of meeting needs to start latest 19.00/20.00 !

If you want to make a booking for that quality encounter please text: I am looking for your food porn. I need to be noticed at least the morning time about your arrival but the best the day before!

___________Offer for my regular lovers

If you ever visited me before I can offer you a discount, you just need to text: We know each other already. I´ll get back to you as soon as I can and we can discuss about rates and services. Looking forward to hear from you all! :-)


📌Cof / Cob (controlled by me, I know how to save my eyes)
📌Cim ( my right to choose based on high hygiene standards )
📌Deep throat with condom (don´t forget to notice in advance )
📌Face sitting / 69 / rimming on me
📌Fingerign with condom
📌Filming with your own device with face
📌Foot fetish ( don’t forget to notice in advance )
📌Handjob both ways
📌Kinky games, ropes, gags, golden shower, whipping, strap on games etc ( check out my mistress ad from my co-worker list )
📌Masturbation show, toys on me with my favorite toys till I come for real
📌Oral with or without condom based on high (!!!!!) hygiene standard
📌Pictures with face
📌Prostate massage ( don´t forget to notice in advance )
📌Professian massage in the beginning or end of the session, so you will leave well relaxed.
📌Regular sex in all positions -I like it rough
📌Roll play ( secretary, masseuse, no age play or family stuff!!! )
📌Ruined orgasm, between 1-1,5 hour I won´t make you come, but keep you to the edge. ;-)
📌Striptease show, vibrator show
📌Spanking both ways
📌Soft kissing
📌Tie you to the bed and use for my own happiness ;-) If you want to.
📌Unlimited photos and video the whole time with face.

_____________How can you reach me?

I prefer quick and easy bookings only by sms!
If you want to see me with services based on this ad text: I am looking for a pse!
I would need to know some information about you so at least I will know who I let into my home! I don´t like surprises therefore I am interested about:

-your age
-your nationality / ethnicity
-date and time of meeting
-lenght of session
-where you wan to meet me ( city, my or your place )
-which services are you looking for exactly -or don´t need to experience from the list
-any other wishes

I accept cancellations in 2 hrs of advance, if you don´t figure it out I will put you automatically to my block list, there are no second chances, let´s don´t waste the time of each other!

_____________Services I don´t provide:

⛔️deep french kissing - I don´t want to risk to get any viruses, I don´t provide passionate girlfriend experience with unknown people ( I am a porn star, not your girlfriend )
⛔️oral on me ( pussy licking ) - I don´t enjoy it at all you can use your hands or my toys. Rimming on me is an option instead.
⛔️deep throat without condom - It´s the same of bareback, be careful!
⛔️sex without condom -I don´t think I need and explanation in here ;-)
⛔️anal on me - I´ve been injured before, no need to risk it again.
⛔️oral without condom in case of tight foreskin - I don´t know what is under the skin.
⛔️fingering without condom - Your nails might not clean enough, long or sharp
⛔️swallow - I would get sick for the rest of the day.
⛔️scat / caviar - Not my kind of thing.
⛔️rimming on you - I am not submissive

___________Important rules!

If your hygiene is not good enough I reserve the right to cancel the oral and regular sex services or just send you home right away without returning my gift!
Same thing happens if you come here on any kind of flue, cough, running nose, throat ache , nausea, herpes etc, make sure you wash yourself well, treat me like you want to get treated and don´t risk my health conditions for your own fun!

If you are drunk or high on drugs don´t call me at all, I am not going to be the company of your afterparty! Do not bring drugs to my place! There is no point to call me after 22.00 or during the night, I don´t let strange people into my place!

Please don´t waste my time with cheap offers and if you are a new visitor do not bargain with me otherwise I´ll put you immediately to my block list! I don´t exhaust myself with 1000/ 1500 nok visits based on traditional sexual services, for that amount you can get a nice, strong and long massage, not more!

Thank you for taking time to read all of my lines and if you agree with me than I will be happily see you, here the fun and safety is guaranteed!

Big kiss


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Oslo: Aker Brygge, Frogner, Majorstuen
Oslo: Aker Brygge, Frogner, Majorstuen
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Oslo: Aker Brygge, Frogner, Majorstuen
Oslo: Aker Brygge, Frogner, Majorstuen
Oslo: Aker Brygge, Frogner, Majorstuen
Oslo: Aker Brygge, Frogner, Majorstuen